All Growed Up

Naomi leaves for college in 2 weeks and is brace free as of 2 days ago. 

Two nights ago at the dinner table, Naomi and Zoe had grape juice (my dinner favorite) in PLASTIC cups and Zoe was tapping her plastic up with her fork as though she was going to propose a toast, while Naomi was swirling her grape juice in the plastic cup while saying, "Indeed" repeatedly. 

These are the things I will miss.

Will Zoe be as silly without a silly buddy?

Because we all know that I am silly, but Zoe doesn't seem to know that. Which is normal yet hurtful yet not all that hurtful just a wee bit. 

I love my little family. I will forever regret not having more children. (we can blame Gary) It is easy to let the older ones go when you still have plenty left at home. haha!! 

True though.


Game Overrrrr

When your 16th birthday party ended days ago but you can't move on.


Naomi Gots the Talent

Naomi and friends shared a talent at church over the weekend.

She is the petite blonde wearing black and grey. Not that one, the other one...


First Day 2015

For the first time since being a mom, I forgot to take the obligatory photo of my kids going off to school. They are in 9th and 11th grade, so what's my excuse? It's not like I was busy making breakfast or their lunch or doing their hair. They are big girls, those days are over.

So what was I doing other than NOT taking their picture? Heck if I know....

So right as we were pulling into the school I remembered with a gasp and handed Naomi my (dumb) phone with a (terrible) camera and told her to take a picture with her sister. She told me I better not share it, post it to facebook or anything. She took just this one and then exclaimed, "Oh, this looks goooood." So I take that as permission to share. 



A couple of months ago my stake was having a Super Saturday with the stake I grew up in and that most of my family still belong to. My brother is the one with a calling that might of meant he needed to attend. I kept encouraging it but it wasn't sounding likely.

After living out of state for so lonh, it is beyond exciting to me that I could be at a church event with family.

And how fun is it when 2 worlds collide. Family world, meet church world. Right??

I pretty much lost hope of seeing family at the event.

But as I was going about my business that day, without a thought of seeing family, my sister walks in. WHAT?!?! Took me by surprise, fo sho!!

My 2 daughters too. They were SO excited to see Aunt E.

It was super great fun having church people meet my family person and vice versa. And ridiculously fun trying to take pictures with my kids in the background slyly.

Of course we are too big and loud to do anything sly.

Look at Zoe busting us.

We tried though. And it was fun.


One Upper

3 weeks ago Gary was hit head on by a drunk driver. Thankfully he was in his tank of a truck and while he was scraped and bruised and sore for days, and lost the other love of his life, his truck (country boys love their trucks!),  he is fine.

2 1/2 weeks later Wes one ups him, he too was in a collision. We still don't have answers (because he doesn't remember) but he was on his way home from work when this happened. He was taken to the hospital, x-rayed and learned his neck was fractured, so they gave him a helicopter ride to a bigger better hospital. Two breaks in his vertebrae. He gets to wear a brace for 6-8 weeks in hopes that it does the trick. (if not, he is looking at pins in his neck)

Quite enough adventure for the summer!

Yesterday Gary was at work and sent me a text asking what's happening. I replied,
"Absolutely nothing, and it is divine!!"


In Less Than 3

First there was a wedding,

then there was trek, 

 two weeks later we had girls camp,

and then my husband insisted he wisk me away on a relaxing retreat (his mothers house) where he got in an accident and totaled his truck. 

All of this in less than 3 months.

Oh! Between trek and girls camp we got news that Gary and I were going to be grandparents!

It has been an eventful 3 months!