That Zoe

Zoe has been a star on my blog, as a child she always gave me much material for blogging with her Zoeisms and shenanigans.

She still is a hoot, she cracks me up every.day. But what a young woman she has become! Truly!!!!

I have enjoyed having this time with her, with all the older children moved up and out and it is just us. Kinda of reminds me of when all the kids were in school and she always tagged along with her daddy and I on lunch dates. We are right back to that. Just us three

She is so fun and such a light. A good problem solver and great at keeping things positive

During Christmas break my sister offered to take pictures of her at the house our grandmother was born in in the year1900 that my dad just learned was still standing. Barely standing, but standing. 

The pictures turned out stunning, as you can see. And her inner beauty shines through. 


The Baby is Now a Babe

It is absolutely nuts how quickly time goes by. When I first started blogging, Zoe was just a wee one

Today I have chaperoning friends sending me pictures of her at a dance, telling me she was surrounded by BOYS the whole night!



What the whaaaat?!



I got a surprise phone call from Rae a couple of months ago saying she and her young family were flying in to see us in 2 days. The timing was terrible, just to be completely honest, with work and all, but it was long past due and she had developed quite a fear of flying so this was huge. I didn't know if she would ever come home again and if we would have to do all the traveling. So, YAY!

I always love when Rae and Nolan get together. They have always been good buddies and they bring out a funny sense of humor in each other quite beautifully. 

They weren't together long before their jokes turned on me. They don't pick on me until they are together. I am the butt of their jokes. I had totally forgotten about that.

And suddenly I was wanting to send them to their rooms to separate them. 


Missions and Grandbabes

My sweet little missionary has been transferred to Switzerland! She is so excited and was ready for a change. I imagine this will be quite the change! I miss her so much and want to hug her so bad I could cry. (And I do cry. )

I also miss these sweet ones. They are SO stinking far away! I was told the good news is they are on the opposite end of the country so they can't go any further, they can only get closer. haha! 

It is so sweet to talk to Claire, she can carry a conversation and it's not jibber jabber, she is a little smarty pants. 

And Thomas, oh the smiles he gives me! What a boost! When Claire was this age she didn't smile at me, she stared into my soul. But Thomas gives me the sweetest sugary smiles. 


Do YOU Have a Secret Handshake???

Because WE sure do!


Young Women's Camp, ONE MORE TIME!!

How dare I whine about missing out on trek when I was able to attend Young Women's camp. 

What's wrong with me?!

You know, I started this old blog at a very hard time in my life. It wasn't popular to have "unreal" blogs but whatever, I started the blog to count my blessings, not my complaints. It is SO easy for me to list my complaints but so not healthy. So the blog was born for that reason.

So back to counting my blessings.....

A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend YW Camp as the ward camp leader. My time in YW's started as the ward camp leader when my oldest daughter was 12 and going for the first time. After attending camp as a ward camp leader for several years, I was called to be 2nd counselor in stake young women's, after a couple years of that I was called to be the stake young women president, which I did for over 5 years with some of the most AMAZING leaders.  The spiritual growth was wonderful. I loved every bit of it. 

Thankfully, since my release, I was called back and was able to attend one more time as my youngest daughter attended camp for her last time as a young woman. 

That's hard stuff man!!! Growing up! Your children growing up! Ack!!!

It was so amazing though, boy did I let those Laurels lead. I mean, THEY DID CAMP. Make no mistake about it, I preached "let laurels lead" for years and that is definitely in my brain to stay. And I let them! And they did it! And they did it amazingly!!!!!!

What a perfect camp to end my young women's camp career on!

I mean, I am done now, right??


(I think I am)



Today the youth in my stake went to trek. I went to the past two treks but I am no longer in a position at church that requires (blesses?) me to attend such activities. On one hand, woo-hoo, I don't have to go to trek. On the other hand, boo-hoo, I don't get to go to trek!

I was blessed to be able to attend such activities for so long. It is AMAZING to watch your children (and others) experience such an awesome thing. And it IS awesome for the youth. 

My now adult daughter use to ask me all the time if I was excited before an activity, or if I was having so much fun. I think I got too old for that, and it wasn't MY fun, but did I love seeing her excited and having fun and spiritual experiences? Absolutely!!!!

Zoe is my youngest and this is the last trek for this generation of Wright family. I am a bit sad about not being there. The more I think about it the sadder I feel. If I could have just stayed in my calling for just a little bit more, the release would have been easier. 

BUT I am so happy for those that get to go. And so happy for Zoe.