Surrrrrrrrrrrrpriiiiiiiiiiise!! (not)

Well, I tried to surprise Naomi (who now wants to be called Nomi) but I failed. For one, I threw her older sister a surprise 16th birthday party, for two when she was stressing out about having a party I may have said something to give it away (but it hushed her, and I still thought I would surprise her) and for three, not everyone got the memo that it was a surprise and were sending her texts saying they were so excited to come to her party.

Oh well.

She didn't even have the decency to fake surprise (but that doesn't surprise me), she walked in and said, "Oh yay, a party? That means there is food so where is it?!"

How long had she worked on THAT reaction.

Zoe said she doesn't think I'll be able to pull off surprising her. I don't think I'll even bother.

BUT Naomi said we should just focus on if she had a good time at her party or not. And she said she did. So... that's good...

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