The Art of Waking Another


Before I had to go back to work (boooooooooooooo), I was the official waker-upper. I was THE one that got kids off to school. I woke them up, I made sure hair was done, lunches were taken care of, papers were signed, and I took them to school. I am so sad that that has changed. 

So is Zoe. Because she has discovered that she only likes when I wake her up.

There is not a night that she goes to bed before first asking who will be waking her up the next morning. She needs to know, she needs to prepare mentally. 

Dad's don't wake up children like mom's do, according to her. 

According to me, husbands (well, mine anyways) don't wake up wife's like wife's (me) wake up husband's (my husband). 

Why don't men (or mine) understand that a soft sweet voice is all it takes. That waking up to the light suddenly being turned on isn't very nice. That a soft hand on a shoulder is less shocking than a shake as though the house is on fire?

Most importantly, why don't men (my man) understand that waking one up poorly = waking up on the wrong side of the bed?

Do I need to start online classes on this?

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