Conference Weekend

This past weekend was General Conference, which I dearly love. The past two conferences have been hectic on my end, but thankfully I get to listen to such wonderful inspiring talks even if I am overwhelmed. This is the sort of think that gets me through it.

Rae got to attend conference in person. No fair. And she attended with some boy person. Whaaaaaat? What's up with that?!

She may of attended in person, but WE had front row seats. 

Naomi's birthday was during conference, so she celebrated with friends the Saturday before (pictured below) and then we had an odd little family celebration on her birthday, in which she opened gifts between sessions, and didn't have us sing to her and all until that night. Strangely divided the usual birthday events.

Between sessions on Saturday, we ran to pick out paint to paint the birthday girls room. And it's still not done. Hectic indeed. 

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