Another Summer Gone

Summer goes so quickly.

Today was the first day of school. Don't let these smiles fool you, these two were more nervous than I've ever known them to be.

My girls will miss having all day to read as they wish. Back to required reading.

Last year we came up with a one word theme for the year. The family decided on Dedication. This year as we sat down to discuss, the girls were coming up with words like Wumbo, without knowing it's meaning. And Hufflepuff, without MY knowing the meaning. But they begged and pleaded and finally I said if dad agrees, and dad wanted ice cream so he was ready for the discussion to end and said yes. What?! But then they told me what being a Hufflepuff means, friendship and hard work. Patience and fairplay. So I went with it. NOT what I was expecting or going for, but okay. Hufflepuff it is.

We will miss our summer break. It was busy and adventurous. We visiting their Aunt Anitra and her cute littles. And got to check out DC.

And Nolan came back. (this is Naomi giving a uke lesson)

Having summer end is hard for me. But also good to be back to a schedule. But still sad. Sad but good.

Now I have to be patient for Fall to arrive. With school starting so early in these parts, it throws me off the Fall isn't right around the corner.

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