9th Year of Girl's Camp

I just survived my 9th year of girl's camp which those that really know me understand is a big feat. 

I love the great outdoors just as well as the next person, but when it is time for bed I want to crawl into bed clean. It's the dirty that makes me crazy. Bathroom- I like them clean too. And bugs- they stress me out. haha 

This year was the first year without Rae but with Gary. I have been trying to get him to come for years, at last he did!
I had a mouse nibble on my organic protein bar while ignoring real candy bars. I found a snake 2 feet from my cot. And I had a raccoon walk right up to me. I survived over 1,000 stairs to experience Tallulah Gorge. All the while watching 14 young women, ages 13-18, be ridiculously silly, quickly obey, stand up for each other and for what is right, love one another, see the good in one another and see the good in tough situations. They amaze me. Truly, in the truest sense, no exaggeration,  I am in awe.

Why am I so blessed to be a part of this? I have no idea!

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