Old Roomies

It's just these two buddies left at home now, you know. They've been friends and roomies for 13 years. The first night they had their own room was cool and exciting. The second night they were already having a sleep-over. Naomi in Zoe's room, their old room together. But they've been going it alone since.

Two night ago (Sunday night) was a weird night. First off a nap, too big of a nap, was taken by all. Secondly, it is the last week of school so everyone's excited about how near we are to later nights. In other words, they had a hard time settling down for bed.

That happens and usually isn't a big deal but it was after midnight when I was STILL hearing lots of noise and loud laughter. Finally I called out, "Girls!" I usually don't have to ever say anything to them about settling down and going to sleep. 

Turns out (I heard the next day) they were actually in their own rooms BUT they were playing truth or dare via text messaging. Or probably just dare, from the sounds of it. And every dare involved loud noises (like bark like a dog) and then loud laughter ensued. 

I am happy to report my Nolan is coming home to visit next month and it looks like Rae will be coming the end of August. Girls Camp is next week and Naomi, Zoe and I are flying to DC in July. So, so, sooooo excited for summer! If we can just make it through this hectic week.

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