The Call- Part 2 of 3

Yesterday was the big day, Rae left home and is now at the MTC.

So she has left, and I have shared about Rae getting her mission call but I'd like to go back to the very beginning. I think that part is my favorite.

Rae got into school (she'd like to be a physical therapist when she grows up) and had things all planned out (she is a planner) but things were just not working out. Long boring story, but just know that she didn't get to start in the Fall as planned. All the while she kept having to answer questions about where she was going in life and getting uninvited advice and one thing after another kept happening and she was getting quite discouraged. In the meantime, she mentioned numerous times how if she were a boy, she'd only have X amount of days and she'd be able to turn in her mission papers. Long (it seemed at the time) dragged out frustrations.

Then General Conference... the announcement for the boys... Rae looked at me with her eyes real big and said, "Do you think it will change for the girls?!?!" I said, "not necessarily..." I mean, I knew it COULD, but I knew that announcement didn't mean it WOULD.

But it did!

As soon as it was announced, Rae threw her notebook in the air and screamed and she looked at me and I looked at her and nothing needed to be said.

What an answer to prayer! What a reminder that there is a plan. And a plan for her. And even though surely it was an answered prayer for many, it was also very individual. And such a sweet reminder to be patient. And... and... and...

Next... the last days at home. And then I will move on. Promise.

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