April Fooled Me

I wasn't thinking much about today being April Fools. 

But I still have a huge grasshopper buzz past my ear and land in my salad at lunch.

And then this evening, I heard a strange noise in my bathroom. It sounded electrical and very much in a specific place in the walls. I got Gary involved and we turned switched on and off. We switched circuit breakers, we went into the attic.. something was going on and we could not figure it out! Then Zoe came into the bathroom and said she felt like she missed a spot when she brushed her teeth and she reached for her toothbrush, her batter operated tooth brush.. that was on this little suction cup  gadget on the mirror.. and realized she forgot to turn it off. 

We laughed. We couldn't believe it. And she couldn't believe she fooled us without even trying.

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