The Call- part 1

My first missionary leaves Wednesday. This is a biggie. This is the biggest biggie in our family yet. I would like to tell the story today, tomorrow, and then the farewell Wednesday. Let's first start with the mission call.

First off, we surprised Rae by MY getting the mail and hiding it until my parents for here to watch her open it. That was funny. My parents showed up, she was about to leave for work and was confused about why they were there, my dad said, "I thought you got your mission call?" she said, "oh no! I haven't yet Grampa!" so worried that he made the drive for nothing. Then he turned around and there it was, the big white envelope tucked into that back of his pants. She screamed and he said, "what??" she said, "Grampa, you have my call in your pants!" Face was red and all.

She took no time to sit down and open it. She wasn't playing around. And you know how in the videos (you watch all the videos on youtube too, right?) the missionary reads it from the beginning? It was long ago decided she would jump right to the good part and tell us where and when.

Rae's mission president told her to prepare herself for a mission call to Idaho, because in that case if that is where she is called, she won't be disappointed, and if she gets called to anywhere else, she was be excited. Also because of health issues (that seem to be cured), we did really think she's stay in the states, and really did start believing it would be Idaho. (we love Idaho, so that really would have been exciting too)

Anyways, here is the call, please excuse the crazy things that came out of our mouths. And as my dad said, "if she'd of been called to the moon, you wouldn't have been more surprised."


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All8 said...

Congratulations Lorinda.

Rae will love Italy. That's where one of our home teachers went and he still talks about the food and the people.