When the Baby Ain't No Baby No More

My Zoe was but a wee little once that just warmed my heart so much I probably walked around with a fever for years. I mean, look at her!!!

That sweet baby girl is now 12, but I have to say, she is still warming my heart. And everyone else! She is every siblings favorite. She STILL holds my hand in public and she will still cuddle in my lap.

I was a bit worried about Zoe's birthday because it looked like this was the year of terrible birthdays. And things didn't start so well either! She was having a birthday sleep-over when I got a midnight phone call that I needed to be to work at 9am the next morning and I had no choice but to bring her and friend to work with me. And of course they were bored to tears... so bored that they jumped at the chance to clean.

We did make it to the skating rink afterwards though. Phew!

Zoe had wished for a few interesting things, a bow and arrow and an airsoft gun.

You can see in the picture below which one of those she got.

              So worry not about the robots walking the streets, Zoe is now armed and ready to protect!

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