Loaded Questions- the Board Game

This is my favorite board game. For a while it moved to second place and Curses moves to the #1 spot, but that didn't last too long. (Curses, while hilarious, is a game I have to be in the mood for. Which means it can't be #1)

While playing Loaded Questions the other night with Nolan, Rae and Naomi- it was my turn to roll the dice and guess who said what. The question was "What is your favorite food item at an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet?" The three answers I had to guess who said-, Jello (got it!), Pudding (easy!) and.....

Jello Squares???

Didn't see that last one coming. All three kids don't know what's good eating??

Then it was a reversal, meaning the person that rolled had to read a question and we had to guess their answer.

Naomi rolled and the question was, "if I could pick any one person to sit and have a dinner with, who would it be?"

She wrote her answer, then we guessed. I said Tara Strong and Naomi exclaimed, "ugh! I didn't say her but I should have!!!" I made a comment about how I know them better than they know themselves (mwahaha) and Nolan said, "really? Who would I want to have dinner with?" Easy- Neil Degrasse Tyson. The look on his face was clear, wasn't who he was thinking but YES. Then Rae said, "And me?" "Jesus Christ". Huge grin.

I win!


Steve Finnell said...

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aniC said...

Can we play this the next time we are together? It is my favorite, too!