Valentine Treats for My Valentines

We are attempting a Happy Valentines. I had to work, my kids were out of school, but I knew I needed to pick up these heart shaped fudge-brownie, something-or-another heart shaped Duncan Donuts for my family... and a heart shaped watermelon slice for Rae, who won't eat anything but super duper healthy foods these days. Nolan says the picture looks like a heart shaped slab of meat. So it does.

My husband sent me a text asking if he could pick me up a box of chocolates on the way home from work. I said I'd prefer a poem. He said maybe next week. He's been putting off that poem for a couple of years now.

Looky what Zoe gave her daddy today. SO jealous! I love hearts hidden in such place. She was hanging out with the neighbors grandson while they did yard work, they had a fire burning and were about to throw some wood in the fire when they found this heart in the heart of the wood. Wow, eh?? LOVE it!

Happy Valentines ALL.

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