A Monday or two ago (I have no concept of time) sweet Zoe gave the most amazing Family Night lesson. She spoke on being modest and who knew a new 11 year old could give such an impressive lesson on that topic?? I sure was pleasantly surprised! 

It was so cute when instead of saying 'spaghetti strap' she said 'noodle strap'. Oh how hard it was to not laugh!!! I reckon I need to tell her, huh? Because I don't want to.

(she also says 'pitch red' and 'pitch yellow' instead of 'solid red' and 'solid yellow'. I love it.)

So last night our lesson was on 'experiences are for our good'. Usually we think of trials when we say that, but I also wanted to talk about how we should choose good experiences like a mission. But first we talked about trials and I asked if any of them felt like they have dealt with any trials and the last one I expected to speak up, spoke up. Zoe. And it was the most heartfelt testimony filled experience of how her speech is a trial but how she already see's the good she has gained from going through it, mostly by it helping her be more compassionate to others differences. With tears in her eyes! She speaks from her heart, and even for a little girl with speech troubles, she speaks so well.

What a talent.

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