You know you have a sarcasm problem when your 13 year old calls you out on it.

To be exact, she told me this past Friday that my sarcasm is not Christ-like.


I have been pondering my sarcasm issues since..... all while having and extra super-duper sarcastic day Saturday. It was spewing forth out of my mouth like a industrial sprinkler system.

I wish I could be one of those people that just said, "this is just who I am" in a take it or leave it sort of way. That would be the easy way out.

So last night I decided that today I would not say one single sarcastic thing. I looked for a rubber band to put on my wrist so I could pop myself if I slipped. It worked for me once when I was a teen trying to break the habit of using words that I should not have been. But I couldn't find the right sized rubber band and by golly, I am 42, I should not need to use that method now.

So it's 10:45 and so far, so good!

I almost slipped once though, but I caught myself. Rae kept begging about something I already said no to and I almost said, "whatever" but instead I said nothing but made a face. No words would come to me other than "whatever". Oy, I have a long ways to go if I am going to conquer this!

By the way, on a very non-sarcastic note- I have a Mormon profile! I have been wanting to put one together and did at last!

This is one of the many reasons that I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it helps me know the error of my ways, that "this is just the way I am" is unacceptable, and helps me through and helps me change, if I want truly want to.

Anyways, I wish I could edit it but it doesn't work that way. 

Check it out here.

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dar said...

isn't it lovely when your kids call you out on things? I don't think I ever did that to my mom