Whole Wheat Flax Bread

Ever looked and looked for the perfect recipe and finally found it?


That is what happened for me. Thanks to this blogger.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe? Look no further than Betty Crockers basic. Fer reals.


bonbon said...

Found your blog via your comments on CJane's post and decided to check out your blog. I don't necessarily agree with CJane, nor do I necessarily agree with what you said, but was proud nonetheless of you speaking your mind.

And for the record, I hate Apples to apples. I always lose that game! I've enjoyed reading some of your past posts!

new follower :)

Johnsons said...

I saw your comment on CJane's blog and wanted to commend your courage. Thanks for standing up! I admire you.

I am LoW said...

bonbon- Thanks. I haven't done well the last few times I played Apples to Apples (people kept skipping the right cards! MY cards!!) haha! I am not sure I expressed myself correctly on cjanes blog but hey! It is what it is. From one middle child to another, she did well to get the attention that we middle children love! :)

Johnsons- Thank you kindly! :)