3 Games to Play By Yourself

I *love* to play games! My top 3 are Curses, Loaded Questions and Apples to Apples.

Of course people aren't available to play games with me daily so here are 3 that I have made up to play by myself-

1- Find the keys! Every time I come home, I hide my keys from myself so that when it's time to leave again, I get to hunt until I find them. It's FUN! :)

2- The Shirt Game- Every day I drop my food on my shirt while eating and must change. Yesterday was a 3 shirt day! Woot!

3- Guess How Many. To play this game you must put off your chores until 30 minutes before it's time to pick up the kids from school. Then run,run,run and see how many chores you can get done before time is up. This one is good exercize too.

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Sister Black said...

I play these games too! Especially the last one (although I don't have kids to pick up from school anymore---I've just established NEW deadlines!) And I've compounded the game with hubby misplaced items, from wallets to tax papers. SOOOO much fun!