Happy Mother's Day, Mother!

This is a picture of my mom and I.

Okay, so that's not true, it's not really me. But it's been said that the first thing my dad said when I was born was, "She looks just like Darla." So it should be easy to imagine that this is me. Right?

My mom is great. She put up with (and well, still does) a lot of stuff. My dad. My 10 siblings. That's hard stuff. They are a handful!!

Recently I've been thinking a lot about this parenting gig. Parenting is hard as heck! It's the bestest hardest thing ever. I love it and it kicks my can. One thing I can say for sure is, I am trying with all my heart. I want to succeed at this and I want my kids to succeed and I have learned that to do so, it takes a lot of courage. And it really truly prevents me from being popular, but that's okay. I wouldn't trade my popularity for their true happiness. I wouldn't trade anything for it because their real true blue happiness is what THIS is all about.

(I will admit, it's hard, often times caving to my childrens whims seems easy and sometimes I want easy but ignoring promptings doesn't feel like an option.)

If you feel any confusion on this, may I suggest you read this?

Goodness, I didn't mean for this to be about me being a mom, but about my mom.

My mom was courageous. She was never afraid to say no. Thank goodness. My dad was a very busy dad and many times it was me and my mom, toe to toe, without my dad being there to back her up, and she still said no. I am so grateful for that and so grateful for her!!

Happy Early Mother's Day, Mother!


Sister Black said...

Thanks Lo...you made my day! I will be happy if when the "judment of motherhood" day comes I ge a "You did OK" ...because that will be quite a step up from MY assessment of the job I did!

(***I'm having a hard time concentrating on reading & writing with that rollercoaster song playing (O: ***)

Cindy Howard said...

Me too..lol Oh yea, I was going to say..Wow, Sister Black you have some long lets, sexy!lol