My Mudder's Day was Like No Udder

Is this the day that I am to report my Mother's Day on my blog?

I am thinking it is ....

So.... not to brag... but Zoe drew this beauty for me.

She even handcrafter the frame... stuft with Q-TIPS.

Whoa! Did YOUR child think of that??

Rae also gave me art.

On the back of the art she wrote me the most lovely poem.

And Nolan bent over backwards for me. He made dinner and served a dessert. He lit a nice smelling candle and set the table and everything.

Naomi gave me lots of hugs and kept trying to lead the family in a board game.

And Wes didn't do anything.

Just keeping it real.

It didn't bother me though.

Still keeping it real.

P.S. Rest of the week? Camping posts!

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