You Ain't Knew?

Nolan has had glasses since the 2nd grade and he's never lost them because they were always on his face. I am talking from the moment he woke-up 'til he layed his head on the pillow for the night, every. single. day., his glasses were on. He was identified by his glasses. Think Drew Carey.

* Christmas tag by Nolan, 2011

However, since the summer before Middle School until now, he's been to the eye doctor to try for some contact lenses 4 times. At last, try #4 produced a non-eyeglass-wearer. I never thought I'd see the day!!

You Ain't Knew that happened?

I wondered how we'd identify Nolan in his drawings now, but You Ain't Knew he got a new hair-dothat gives him away? And a new frown (when appropriate)? And the same freckles. So here are 4 pictures (to match the 4 tries?) he taped to his bedroom door the other day. I reckon the title of this series is You Ain't Knew?

Nolan be mean- muggin' you.
You Ain't Knew? Yo boy Nolan is Sinister

.You Ain't Knew? Yo boy Nolan from da future

You Ain't Knew?

Yo boy Nolan is a turtle as well.

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dar said...

some very interesting 'knew' looks he's got now. I think i'll miss him in glasses.
I asked my boy who wears specs if he would ever try contacts again... he says NO. he hasnt been so diligent to try again any more and its been about 4 years now