The Awards Season


Not only is it Spring Concert Season, but it is also Awards Season apparently.


What kind of mom goes to her daughters Award Ceremony without her camera and has to use her good-for-not-much cell phone camera??

Well, that would be me. But that's not normally me. What's going on with me???


It's funny though- Zoe got the P.E. Award.


Zoe. The one who after jumping rope in P.E. got so sore that she sincerely expressed jealousy of a girl in her school that is wheelchair bound. She wasn't even kidding, she was jealous. And after I laughed and she got a little embarassed she said she wishes she could at least have one of those office chairs on wheels to get around for the next few days.

Yes, that's the girl that got the P.E. award.

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dar said...

now that is funny zoe, but good job getting that award