Exactly as it Happened

Nolan is my current favorite child. This is why.

Sunday evening I was having one of those days. Chocolate seemed the only answer. Even though I could have convinced myself that it was just bad enough to be considered an ox being in the mire- I knew better.... But oh! The desperation!

Then I had an idea- Nolan.

He was gathered with the other children, playing a game or something, they were gathered and chatting and laughing, I was having one of those days, you remember... so I don't remember exactly what they were doing... so from a distance I got his attention and did some sign language, asking him if he had a stash of chocolate. But he doesn't understand sign language and I don't speak it, so he came to me and said, "Huh?" And I said in my most pleading voice, "Do you have any sugar? Preferably chocolate?"

And that is when he became my current favorite child....

He looked at me in the most caring and understanding sort of way, and he said, "I have just what you need, come here." And if he was the kind to hold his momma's hand, he would have taken my hand and led me the way. But he isn't the kind and he didn't.

He led me to his stash of Little Debbie Nutty Butter Bars.

He loves me.

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