A Strange Conversation

Me: Soooo..... do you realize how long it's been since you last blogged?

Myself: A week?

Me: Yeah..... And what do you have to say about that?

Myself: Sorry....

Me: What gives?? Where are the posts?

Myself: I don't know. I, uh.... I am ummmmm, struggling..... I reckon....

Me: Nothing is happening that you can't share?

Myself: Well, no, things are happening. Zoe texted her big Bubba (southern for brother) and that was adorable and I was going to share that but I deleted it before I could get to saving it. And Naomi is giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday and I found a peice of paper on which she had written- Good morning brothers & sisters. I have been asked to speak on . It just stopped right there. I intended to take a picture and tell a story... And then there is this awesome blog that I am going to be featured on sometime soon. And.. ..

http://www.iamlow.com/: So then what gives?!?

Me & Myself: Whoa?! My Blog.....Where did you come from??

http://www.iamlow.com/: Don't be silly, you can't have this conversation right here and me keep quiet. I am offended. You have had plenty of time to post over at http://lunchboxlowdown.blogspot.com/ and you can't post here? I mean, lunch box ideas are great and all, and your ideas are just plain genius, I admit... but I was here first!

I: We're dancing like we're dumb-dum-duh-duh-duh dumb

Myself: What in the world?!? That's the worst song ever!!

Me: Oh settle down, you know I can't help it, sometimes even dumb songs get stuck... Listen, can you just do us all a favor and start blogging like you use to do again? Please? For us???

Myself: Okay, okay. Sorry guys. I will. Starting Monday I'll return to my regular blogging self.


Sister Black said...

Is the assylum's phone number on your speed dial? It's bad enough when to talk to yourself, but when your blog(s) joing the conversation...I'm just sayin' !

dar said...

whoa, now I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for monday

Bobby said...

Can't wait for monday.

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