Saturday Was a Special Day

This past Saturday me, Zoe, my huzband and Naomi attended Tree City 2011 Show Choir Festival.

It was a competition for middle and high schoolers.
I must say, it was pretty awesome. I feel strongly about keeping the arts in school.

The first group sang Fireflies. I thought it was creative and fun.

Several times I thought, "This is great fun, why didn't I do Show Choir when I was in school?"

Then I rememered that they didn't have Show Choir at my school when I was a kid.

And I can't sing.

But I would have loved it.

This picture below is of my daughters group. I took picture through the first few songs because the program said the third song was Firework and I thought if I was going to video a song, it should be that one.

But they finished their second song and walked off the stage.


Between each school they did a solo or two or three. Do you know what I learned?

I don't like watching someone stand and sing.
I mean, the solos were good and all. But standing there is boring. To me. And Zoe.

In closing, I'd like to share just a few more pictures.

And a snippet at my favorite preformers of the day.



Bobby said...

Sounds like a great time, hope you had fun.

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Sister Black said...

That was cute! I wish you had more videos!