Some Must Shares

I would like to share this fact- I cannot get over the holidays. My heart is still holiday-ing. I want to keep whatever hours I want, I want to celebrate, I want the kids to play and not have homework, I want to play and not ask about homework, I want to keep eating treats and putting off the healthy until the new year. I want, I want, I want.

My heart says it's Dec. 23.

The calendar says, "Hello? We're over here."


.So while I am stuck on the holidays, may I share a few things that you might want to know?

Naomi got this game Hedbanz from Santa.


We played it at my mother in law's house that night.

.While eating treats, such as Mrs. Prindables gourmet apples. Mrs. Prindables are the best dipped apples I have ever had.

Although Nolan is eating them the traditional way, may I suggest slicing them? Makes all the difference.

.And while we are talking about food, have you ever been to Cheeburger Cheeburger?

Here Nolan is pouring his kiwi soda.

If you find you have a Cheeburger anywhere near you, or anywhere near where you might ever..... GO!!

.I am not usually so bossy but really.... GO!

The hamburgers taste homemade, the fries and onion rings are to die for (there is something to frying them in peanut oil....) and there are a million milkshake choices and some old skool sodas.

.Oh, and back to the game-

After we played it a couple of times at the mother in laws, we played again at home for a Family Night. Turns out we had already memorized all the cards and it wasn't as fun.


But it's fun for a time or two.


Sister Black said...

When I was Christmas shopping I saw this game and wondered if maybe it would have a "limited" shelf life---glad to know the real deal.
I'm SOOO over Christmas...I just can't seem to get it put away!

dar said...

make some homemade cards, there has got to be a million different words you can use.
I am ready for more holidays, anything that keeps the kids out of school. thank goodness spring break is coming up!