FYI- Rae loves Nerds

One of Rae's latest art projects was called a Fortune Cookie project. The students had to pick a fortune cookie and whatever the fortune was inside was what would inspire their work. Oh, and also, their project had to be stippled. Which is when you make your art from dots only. No lines whatsoever. So I reckon it would be called a Fortune Cookie Stippling assignment.
Rae's fortune read, "Home is where you hang your hat." (not much of a fortune)
Here is her unfinished project. As you can see, it's missing the picture in the picture frame. I don't think she's decided yet what the picture will be, but she did say she wants it to be something profound. (I'll post the finished work when it's.... well, finished.)

So the other day she came home and told this story of waiting to be picked up from school when she had a nice conversation about this project she was working on with a young man from school. A nerd, as she called him. I asked her later if she'd repeat the story on camera so I could share it with you all, she was kind enough to oblige.

Rae has claimed to love nerds for years. Her love for them runs deep. She plans to marry one some day.


All8 said...

Rae is just too cute. May she find her nerd.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH MY GOSH! Her art is amazing. A. MAZE. ING! She made the most out of very lame fortune. That's called lemonade from lemons. I wonder what she would have drawn from my rad fortunes.

And you know what? Gross and cute should never never be used in the same sentence.

hee he

I just lub your blog and your family. I want to adopt your whole famdamily.