Christmas Commercial I Love



Oh how I love this commercial.

And the music that goes with it. But I'll get back to that....

.I was raised to know the true meaning of Christmas. That does not mean that when I was a kid, come Christmas morning (starting around 3 AM) that I wasn't up and awake and had ants in my pants and ready to go for it, just like the kids in the commercial.

.My parents were smart though. They did all they could to keep us out of the family room until it was really time to get up (at a more reasonable hour) so that they could watch us walk in in awe when we saw Santa had come. They knew that if we found a way in before they were up, that we would have shook and squeezed and accidentally poked a hole in the wrapping to see what we got before "it was time". (as the song says)

.As much fun as it looks to have a paper-tearing toyfest and "rip it open in a second and it's time to play" (as the song says), that would make the morning go by way too fast. Instead, we would find our spots and my dad would, gift by gift, call out "To Lorinda.... from Santaaaa" in the funnest, most exciting voice. (I can hear it now!)

.Then one by one, me and my brothers and sisters... and my ma and pa... we would take turns opening one gift at a time. We would pick just one and let everyone know who the gift was from- "This is from Santa" and everyone would watch me (or whoever) open my gift (or whoevers) and we would all ooooh and awwww, then the next person would open just one, and then the next and the next (there were lots of us) until it was my turn again.

.Ahhhh, to be a child again....

.If you also think the song on the commercial rocks and it brings back the same feelings for you that it does for me, you can download it (or at least listen) and 9 other fun songs here.



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Sister Black said...

Kids DEFINITELY make Christmas morning magic...whether you are one...or you have some. I DO miss those days!