Would You? Could you?


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Remember when I shared that I rode this ride the other night and my kids were impressed?

I didn't mean to brag or anything. It's just that it's one of the few things I do well. (sit there and let a machine take over where I go and at what speed- that takes skill) .

It's something I've always been good at. (still bragging?)

As a matter of fact when I was 10-ish, my family went to a huge amusement park and it was the first time I'd seen such a ride. A ride that takes the riders upside down? New to me. As my brother who is 18 months older, older sister and cousin contemplated giving the ride a chance, my older brother chickened out. I did not. He was teased the rest of the day (especially by our cousin) for not being brave enough to get on a ride that his little sister rode.

.II love that memory.

.I also love the memory of when I was 12ish and the same brother and I arm wrestled. I beat him.

.Are you worried about my brother who wimped out on rides and let his sister beat him at arm wrestling?

.Oh don't be concerned, he and his beautiful curly locks turned out fine....

Actually, I am just being brave because I know he doesn't read my blog.
And I am asking my ma and my sisters not to tell him about this post.
Because I think he's still capable of pinning me down and letting his spit dangle inches from my face which started happening after he hit puberty and gained more strength than I. I don't doubt for a second it's still in him to do such torturous things. The days of me riding a ride he wouldn't and beating him in arm wrestling did not last near long enough.
So this post is just between us, right???
Cause I suddenly feel a little shakey and nervous.


dar said...

this is so hard, cuz i so badly want to say what my little sister (I wont say names, lo), but "I'm teeeeeelllllling!"

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee. I lub that you pinned beat your curly locked brother.

And OMGOSH, I lub that you posted about me needing votes. THANK YOU. I'm going to have a give-a-way and I'm putting your name in just for that.