Swamp People- The Show You Must See



Gary and I are hooked on this show.


Troy is our favorite.

Bruce is hard for me to watch.

But Troy.... we like Troy. I'd go on a swamp tour with him. Don't know what I'd do without subtitles though.




Sandi said...

ha ha...I love this show too, a little embarrassing to admit right?
I like Troy the best too, but find T-Mike very entertaining, along with the toothless twins...don't know their names but thats what I call them. what is it about this show that has me riveted? weird!

dar said...

I've never watched these shows, seen that they were on and wondered what they were about... now I know

Sister Black said...

When you say "hooked"...do you mean that 'literally' or 'figuratively'.....cuz I SEEN de size a' that 'er hook dey uze!

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Sandi- I am NOT ashamed, and neither should you be! :)

Dar- all the clips are just from one show. So worth watching.

Ma- Both. :)