All is Fair


Yesterday my family attended our County Fair.

It was a good thing I finally took my kids to one, because turns out Naomi had to ask me what a fair is. She's 12. It's not fair for a 12 year old to not know what a fair is.


As soon as we got there, Gary went with the oldest 4 to the Ferris Wheel.


While I took Zoe to the Banana Slide.

Then we met back up and only Wes and I were brave enough to attempt the Fire Ball. The other kids were much impressed with my bravery. Turns out they were making jokes about how I could have been filing my nails or reading a book with the calmness I had on 'such a scary ride'. Fact of the matter is- rides are my all time most favorite thing to do in the world. I am not even kidding.


The second most favorite thing to do in the world? Eat. I'll get back to that.


These two blurs are Naomi and Wes.

Such a friendly way to say No!

Photo op!
And back to the food-
No he didn't....

Yes he did.


Funnel Cake!!!


I have to share this picture though. Wes was worried Zoe was about to lose her Funnel Cake so he tried to help. She doesn't appreciate the help, I don't think.

Beleive it or not, even with the loud fair noise, we heard angels sing when we tried the deep fried Snickers.
Honest to goodness!!!

And there you have it. My family, at last, finally, after all these years, did the right thing, and atended the fair, and it was about time.


dar said...

yeah, not sure about that hamburger, but the funnel cake looked good.
glad you took your family to the fair, you gotta try it at least once in a life time as a kid

Sister Black said...

NOW you need to bring them to the Ladson fair at the end of the month! They'd love it! SO much bigger everything...lots of displays and freebies, LOTS more fair food, livestock, free entertainment (hypnotist, tiger show, dancers, bull riding, etc.) and music and comedy shows. I've seen Toby Keith, Jett Williams, The Drifters, Dick Gregory, etc.