Let Her Plan Her Own Surprise Party

I think it was rather clever.
My parents have an annual Easter Egg Hunt at their house for the grandchildren, so Ma did the food, planned the games and activities, supplied the place, etc., then we surprised her with a birthday cake and presents.
How clever are we?

Happy Birthday Ma!!!!

(Zoe was the photographer, so take what you get, k?)


Sister Black said...

You TOLD her to get the cake...she got the cake! (0:
I can't say I remember ever planning my own birthday party before but that WOULD make your dad happy!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

All8 said...

Happy Birthday, momma to LoW.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

No, I told her to get Gramma, NOT the cake (and I have the video to prove it) but they were WAY close ups of you. :)

Sister Black said...

yeah...let's not go there!