We Was a Crackin' Up!



One of the most awesomest things about getting something on tape is going back and rewatching and seeing what you missed the first time you saw it.


Man, how many times in life do you reckon there is something there in plain sight, and we miss it?


I bet we do it all the time.


Anyways, I love this video. The kids and I were watching it after I put it on the computer and we laughted and laughed. And it wasn't because an Egg Toss is simple and yet my family can't seem to get it. And it's not because everyone was having a hard time following my mom's (very simple) directions. (watch them flat out ignore her!) It wasn't even that some eggs looked like rubber the way they were missed and bounced without breaking. .

Actually, what tickled us was my brother Burley.


Watch him, he's the one furthest from where I was standing, in a pink shirt holding his daughter. Wait, there are two brothers in pink shirts holding their daughters. He's the one in pink holding a daughter, that was (as I already said) furthest away from me. But watch him egg toss with himself.

Ohmyheavens, cracked us up.


And I never would have known unless I taped the event.


aniC said...

(First, I can't help but point out that Elvis (in the pink shirt and jeans) wasn't holding his daughter, Chloe, but his nephew, Bennett!)
Second, I have to say that it's a good thing I wasn't there. I don't know if I could handle playing games with all you non-rule following people!! I mean, it's not like it was that hard.
And lastly, that is amazing Burley was doing an egg toss...TO HIMSELF!!! I wish you would have recorded more so I could have seen how he did! SO FUNNY!

Sister Black said...

I did see him doing that and wondered if he just couldn't get someone to toss with him. What bummed me is...I had more games but between people being late and having to leave early and dad getting an emergency call so he couldn't do what he was supposed to...oh, well.
I have plenty of eggs left for next year's toss [o: (hahaha)
(Rules? What are rules)

All8 said...

A family of crackups.

Thanks for the laugh.

Heaths said...

haha! what better opponent to have than yourself?