All Good Things Must Come to an End.... Including Blogs

April Fool's!
You didn't fall for it, did you?
How many people, do you think, came up with the same idea?
Yeah, I'm not feeling very creative and April Fool's festive enough.
But look, here is a cute little picture of my Naomi from last night, sleeping with the jackalope her daddy gave her for Christmas. She named it Jackie Chan.

And that's no joke.


Vern said...

I try to play jokes on people all year long, that way I don't feel as much pressure on April 1st.

All8 said...


I had to click right over when I saw the byline. Ack!


I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Vern- Good idea!!! Or as my AUnt Lula mae would say, Good idear! :)

Lorinda- No way! So excited I actually fooled someone! :) haha

Heaths said...

What a sweet picture. :) A girl and her jackalope.

I have to admit I fell for it, too. When I read the title, I thought, "Are you kidding? I have to convince her to keep blogging!"

And then I scrolled down and was properly shamed. I'm pretty sure April Fool's day was invented to take advantage of gullible people (such as myself).