What I've Been Doing

This pretty much sums up my weekend, just in case you were wonderin'.
I've been picking colors and then numbers.
Remember these?
There were even times when I had Naomi and Zoe both asking me to pick.
Nolan said at the dinner table last night, "It's so funny to see Naomi and Zoe doing things that I did when I was a kid."
I said, "It's funny that all of you did what I did when I was a kid."
Ma (aka Gramma)? Did you also do this as a kid?
I went camping this weekend with a group of 16 and 17 year old girls.

I was like, so totally outdoorsy. (said in valley girl voice)

At one point I was meeting with other leaders having a serious leader discussion when Rae comes up to me and says she needs to talk real quick, that it's important.
I walk over, waiting to hear the crisis.
She said, "When we get home, can we go buy New Moon, before it's sold out? Every one's mom went to the store at midnight and bought it."

I told her it wasn't going to be sold out.
And pray tell, who goes and buys movies at midnight???


Sister Black said...

I DID do that when I was a kid. They were called "cootie catchers" and they were a big deal for telling fortunes especially about "romantic attachments". I think my mom said she used to do it too. I wonder how long kids HAVE been doing it?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee.

I can't believe I'm not first when you only posted an hour ago. ARG! That darn Sister Black. Hey, we have a Sister Black in our Sponge Bob ward. I wonder if it's the same darn Sister Black.

So I was doing that fortune thing yesterday in Sacrament with my 11 year old. He made it out of the program. How universal our lives our!!!!!

LUBBBBBBING Zippy! Oh how cute is she. She reminds me of you. hee hee

And that is funny about Rae. Great photo.

~Sherena said...

Um...Molly, Hayden and I did go at midnight to buy the first one. :-)

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Crash- Sis Black is my ma. :)

Ma- my kids have been calling them fortune tellers.

Sherena- WHY? Did you watch it after midnight too? You guys are nutty!! :)

Heaths said...

I think you're about as outdoorsy as I am. :)

I keep telling Silas, I'm not against camping. But I want to go fun camping. Where we make food and play games and sing and read and relax and possibly go on a hike.

But the kind of camping he likes involves at least 10 hours of hiking before collapsing on a sleeping bag well after dark only to awaken early the next morning to repeat the experience.

10 hours is a lot of hiking. And I'm not in shape. And it's hot.

....aaaaaand I might be a bit of a whiner.

Haha, I'm glad Rae got her movie. Midnight is starting to seem later and later. I used to stay up so laaaate. Once Si and my roommates and I went to a midnight movie and then hiked up to the hot springs after. We got home a bit after 7am.

NO WAY would I do that now. Last night I was ready for bed at 8.

All8 said...


You're a real trooper camping in Winter..... Glad the crisis wasn't anything worse than New Moon, Or was it???

Hope that the ice and whatnot that we sent your way wasn't too bad. I guess you could all stay home and watch New Moon...

How's Wes healing?


Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

No movie buying at midnight for me, but I HAVE been at the Barnes and Noble for more than one Harry Potter book.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Heather- Remember that year I tried so hard to get you to go to girls camp? :) I do think it could be fun, if everything is JUST right. :)

(and a hike would probably not be a part of making it just right, hehe)

Lorinda- We actually didn't get ice and that night it probably was low 40's? So, not so bad. My sleeping bag kept me cozy, but Rae's- not so much. But she does get cold way easy. New Moon was the only crisis. Good thing. :) Wes is doing good and I desperately need him to get back to work! :)

Gloria- I reckon I could do a midnight run for a movie or book if I planned to read it that night. Which is why I would do a midnight trip to a movie theater. But knowing that reading a book or watching a movie in the comfort of my home would put me right to sleep, I may as well get it the next day when I would read/watch it, eh?