When Zoe Borrows my Camera

I rather like it when Zoe borrows my camera.

;II never know what I will get on my memory card.

Look, she's practicing for when she's a teenager!

But do you know what I don't like?
When she locks herself in her room when she's sad.

Every day should start with the big kids lining up for a spankin' for whatever it is they are about to do to make Zoe sad.
Each day inevitably becomes her worst day ever and it's always the big kids fault.


aniC said...

Poor sad Zoe!

Little JT LOVED the cat picture. He was upset when I closed it and I had to pull it back up.

That picture Zoe took of herself is so funny! And is she wearing the dress I bought her? Awwwww...

dar said...

there are a few times my kids used my camerea before memory cards, then you just had fun being surprised when you got your pics developed... I like it this way much better.

awww.. the sadness makes me sad though

Sister Black said...

BAD big siblings!

Can you just see Zoe in 30 years taking pictures like that lady whod does the ones of the babies? (0:

The Crash Test Dummy said...

HA! That would be a great post title.

Don't Come In, I'm Sad!

Actually that would be a great book title.

Thanks Zoe! ;)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I lub it when I my youngest twin takes photos too. Luckily we gave him a camera a few Christmas' ago and we now have photographic evidence of every single nook and cranny of our old house. Every photo on the wall. Every every everything I never wanted anyone to see, but will now look back on in fascination because I haven't seen it for 7 months.