.I am SO glad someone finally commented on Zoe's and Naomi's video.

I am not one that gets much into comments (usually one will do me) but for some reason I wanted their little video to be acknowledged.
And I decided I wasn't going to post anything until it was commented on.

Thanks Crash.

So, Naomi came home from school today and said mightily, "I'm going to start a partition!"

I said, "Do you mean petition, honey?"


She said yes. Then I asked what the petition was for.

She said, "Cause I am tired of teachers slamming on kids!!"

Not physically slamming, mind you.
And then I listened and was very pleased that she took notice (even though it wasn't her being slammed) and wanted to take a stand.


Heaths said...

what was the teacher saying? if it's not too personal.

naomi has a kind heart. i'm glad she sticks up for others.

i don't think some teachers realize how fragile a child's ego can be. i looked up to anyone i deemed an authority figure and if i was singled out for anything (even if it was an offhand remark like, "Heather, please stop talking.") i would be humiliated and sometimes cry.

but i guess we already know that i'm "tender-hearted." i'm sure all kids aren't that sensitive. :)

but still.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Well it turns out it was Naomi that was slammed in front of the class. :(

I'll email you. :(

A million :('s.

Sister Black said...

Sounds like it's time for someone to go slam a teacher! Did you see the thing on Yahoo a few days ago about the teacher writing cruel things on a students papers? UN- excuseable!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hahahaha How cute was this post.

BUT HOW RUDE for a teacher to slam Naomi in front of the class. Makes my blood boil. This happened to my 13 year old once in 6th grade. There was a sub and she called him some kind of racist dumb haole remark in front of the class. Kinda killed him.

That Youtube video is shocking.

And you're welcome, btw.

I'm almost halfway through Zippy. LUB IT SO MUCH.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Ma- my last sentence on this post is a link to what you are talking about. VERY shocking for sure. The excuse being the teacher is trying to speak their language??? What if their language is rude?? Goodness!!

Crash- SO glad you lub it!! AniC is the one that told me about it. It's a fun light read! Sometimes (oft times) it's exactly what I need! :)

And sadly this is Naomi's second year of a not-so-good teacher. Actually, her teacher in 2nd grade was the teacher from helk. :-/

The crazy Shaw Family said...

I know this is a few days late, but I had to comment! It is never right for a teacher to "slam" anyone in front of the class. my 7 year old son is repeating 1st grade because of a teacher that was militant and mean. (He would hide under his desk to get away from her, and ended up spending alot of time with the Princpal. that was the good part, she realized what a sweet boy he is, and that it was the teacher being a jerk. She no longer works there)
The story that you linked to was heartbreaking! who in their right mind calls a child a loser and the justifies it?
Sorry this is so long, I just hurt for all those kids that are getting the raw end of the deal with the school system.
Hope that your sweet daughter gets some relief, and it is resolved.