An Experience We'll Never Forget

Yesterday I shared our Fall Break Beach Trip, but that was only half of the story.
Have a seat, if you will, and let me tell you the rest. The rest is mighty interesting.
While loading in our vehicle covered in sand, after our impromptu beach trip, it was made clear that we were all famished. Beaches do that. Of course, if the trip wasn't so spur of the moment, I would have had time to prepare a lunch to bring with us. So we decided to stop for a quick and inexpensive lunch. The one thing my whole family can agree on is sub sandwiches, so that was settled before it was discussed.
We drove along the ocean front road, looking for a Subway, found none, but saw a Blimpies. It's been several years, but Blimpies it was.
It wasn't your typical Blimpies.

(typical Blimpies)

It was partially Blimpies with an overwhelming amount of Indian decor. Behind the counter stood the cutest little bit of a man, to say he was 5 foot is being generous, obviously from India.

.My children needed to wash their hands but noticed that both bathrooms had out of order signs on the doors. Then the (only) worker was trying to hand me a fly swatter. I didn't understand. He kept saying, "Here" and pushing it towards me and then pointed the swatter at the bathrooms, then I noticed there were keys attached to the end, cupped in his hand.


.I took the fly swatter/key and unlocked the girls bathroom and right as I opened the door I see the girls bathroom was actually storage. I hear, "no no no no, that bathroom." And he's pointing me to the men's. I unlock, and it is, indeed, a working bathroom.


.Hands clean and bellies ready to eat, I place an order, first- two kids meals for Naomi and Zoe. Then, while the bigger kids order, the little ones make their drinks. There is no ice machine so they have to get ice out of a bag. Then there is issue with the drinks. Floaties. Coming from the soda machine. We dump, get more, dump again, still floaties.

.But this is where it gets interesting.

(After Nolan tries to order and they don't have what he wants so our little Indian friend tells him what sandwich he will make for him. Something spicy and good, says he.)

I order my sandwich. I notice on the glass case a list of sauces. One is a guacamole sauce, I ask for it.

.He says, "We don't have any, but I will make you something that's just like it." Then he makes me a sauce JUST like guacamole- it's ranch dressing and a ton of hot sauce.

.Then he adds a ton of jalapeno peppers.

.Then he asks, "Have you ever had Indian food?"

.I said, "No, sir."

He said, "Since you love spicy food......" (I said that???) "I think you would love Indian food!" and then he told me where the Indian restaurants in our area are so I could visit them.

So me and the older children ordered our sandwiches with a "no thanks, we don't need a drink". (We just aren't fans of floaties) Paid for our food, thanked him for it, and left.

.Then we loaded up the car and laughed and laughed and laughed at our experience. Then we cried and cried and wiped tears and runny noses over our SUPER spicy sandwiches.

.As we drove past about 5 different sub sandwich restaurants, I pointed out all the places we could have went, the kids said, "I am glad we went where we did. That was an experience."

"Touche" I thought, because Naomi says it nowadays (all the time) and now it's stuck in my head.

Then I told the children, "I don't think I ever need to visit the Indian restaurants he mentioned, I think I already have."

Because somehow I believe he's living his Indian Restaurant dream..... through Blimpies.

*photo's from google image


Snarky Belle said...

Now that is a fantastic story!! LOVE it...everything about it. :)

I am LoW said...

Thanks Snarky Belle! :-D

Sister Black said...

"indian subs"---who'd of thought it?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha Living his Indian dream . . . through Blimbies. That was classic. You cutie patootie.

And how funny that Naomi says touche!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha Living his Indian dream . . . through Blimbies. That was classic. You cutie patootie.

And how funny that Naomi says touche!