It's My Blog and I Can Cry if I Want To.

When school let out for summer, I promptly bagged up all the school uniforms.
I wanted them out of sight.
Yes, I dislike them that much.
Pray tell, does this look like a bag full of girls clothes to you?

Is it so bad to want my girls to be dressed like....... girls?
I will never agree with school uniforms.
It's un-American, I say.
A twinge of frustration shoots through my veins when I overhear that someone voted for uniforms because it might make mornings easier for them. MY kids are forced to wear something so someone else can have an easier morning?
MY kids are forced to wear something because someone else doesn't want to teach their child how to be less picky about their clothes? Do you realize my kids are just as picky as they've ever been? That if it's their navy blue skort that's clean, they want to wear their khaki capri's that are waiting to be washed? And if they have their heart set on shorts in January, it matters not if they are in uniform, heart set on ridiculous is heart set on ridiculous.
Do you know that I never had to buy so much clothes for back-to-school shopping until uniforms came along? And that I never spent so much money? And done so much laundry?
It hasn't saved us money.
DDid you know that kids that care about where clothes are bought can tell the difference between pants (or a polo) bought at WalMart verus pants (or a polo) bought at some popular store in the mall?
Anyways, that's my yearly rant on school uniforms. I feel better now that I got it off my (pink shirt covered) chest. Now excuse me while I unbag the boy clothes for my girls and freshen them up in the wash..... Oy and vey, know what I'm saying?


dar said...

I am soooooo glad we don't have uniforms... thank you dress codes (I am totally good with those)

mom said...

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Christina said...

Amen sister!!!

It was so nice to see you a couple weeks ago! You look amazing! I can tell you have been losing weight!

Oh and when we worked at the temple we worked the second and fourth Saturday.

I am LoW said...

Darla- Yes, dress codes are good.

Ma- :)

Christina- It was great seeing you! You need to come more often. And the baby does too. :-D

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! I couldn't agree more!

Mel said...

When I hear hannah go through her "I don't have anything to wear" fit - which is just about daily, nevermind she has a closet FULL of perfectly good clothes; I am all for having uniforms for home, school, work - you name it. Get up, put on the tan shorts with the white top. Good to go.

Homer and Queen said...

We have uniforms also...private school...Cumorah Academy...our colors are red, yellow and blue. Sing it with me!!

Laura Lynn said...

I guess I'm the only one who plays devil's advocate, but I loved school uniforms when we lived in SC! I wish we had them here! I'd be the one who votes for them if we had a vote...sorry, lol!

Anonymous said...
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