Scenes from DC

A couple of weeks ago it may have appeared that I was at home blogging my little heart out, but instead I was in DC sight seeing my little feet off.
Here are a few scene's from the magical DC.







mom said...

i LOVE the pictures...and that you made 'em BIG! that soldier has the most PERFECT profile...from that angle he looks SO handsome!

aniC said...

oh great, next time mom comes up, she's going to want to go to arlington cemetary so she can hit on the guards!
i can't believe your visit up here has already come and gone. it makes me sad.

April said...

Great pics! Makes me yearn for my days as a youth and our temple trips to the DC temple!

I am LoW said...

Ma- The big huge pictures was why my blog was stuck on the bacon bar. :)And guess what? All of the soldiers were just that handsome. Being handsome must be a requirement.

AniC- I know. I miss being there. It was THE best!

April- Was DC your Temple? Awesome! :)

mom said...

what? you don't think there will be time for that, anitra? if they all look that good, well...!

after i saw the pictures, i figured that was the case. you did good!

Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures! D.C. is most definitely a wonderful place to visit. :)