Yes I Did

I tried this because by golly, I have one motto in my life that I take quite seriously- try everything at least once.

I didn't like it. (shocking!!!)
Actually, it was terribly gross. (even more shocking!!!)
However if they come out with a Bacon Bar that uses maple flavored bacon instead of the smoked bacon that they used in Mo's Bacon Bar, I'll give it another chance.


aniC said...

i'm gonna have to go with "never again" on this one. even if it was maple flavored. i like to try new things but man...i think i'm giving up my adventurous side after this one.

Janet said...

Hi! I'm just responding to your comment on LRS. I LOVE YW camp, too, and don't understand why everyone doesn't. I was released last Nov from a three-year stint at YW, which I loved! Fortunately, I got invited to go to camp for a couple of days with my husband (the bishop) and we're leaving TODAY! I'm so excited! I just want to say hi to someone who also loves YW camp!

mom said...

is this a candy bar? yuck!

April said...

ummm....nope! you are brave!

Natalie said...

Where did you even find such a thing?

I am LoW said...

AniC- Oh, come on! :)

Janet- That's awesome! Thanks for stopping by to tell me that! :)

Ma- don't knock it til you try it. I'll bring you some.

April- I'll send you some! :)

Natalie- World Market. But I've been seeing it online for a while. :)

April said...

ewwww.....I don't no if I dare! just the thought makes me gag.

All I can feel is the fat congealing on the roof of my mouth and the chocolate freaking out on my tongue not knowing what to do with itself as it is sharing taste buds with cold bacon. {shiver}

aniC said...

see, you could fix it all by yourself.

seeing the picture of this again reminded me again of the grossness. the weird thing is that obviously there are people who buy it and enjoy it, otherwise they wouldn't still be making and selling it.
unless all of their sales are people like you who buy it once to try it.