A Video Story for You

Once upon a time LoW and her children and the father of her children visited a Bamboo Farm with high hopes.

It was not what they were expecting (ie. kinda lame) but LoW and her children and the father of her children tried to make the best of things.

All of a sudden, Nolan who was on a 'don't take pictures of me!' mood was posing up a storm and couldn't get enough camera time.

Untitled from LoW on Vimeo.

Bamboo Snakes from LoW on Vimeo.

Making the best of things became easy when LoW, her children, and the father of her children discovered they could pick blackberries.

Untitled from LoW on Vimeo.

I think this post is brought to you by Coca Cola. Or maybe Nolan is.

Or the day... maybe the day. Yeah.... that.

Coca Cola Commercial from LoW on Vimeo.


Homer and Queen said...

Yummm...blackberries and coke!!!

mom said...

sort of a "boo-berry" farm, right?

dar said...

I love that bamboo snake

I am LoW said...

Queen- Yes, they should come up with that new flavor, don't ya think? And give a little to Nolan? :-)

Ma- Yeppers. :)

Dar- Me too!! We kept watching the scream over and over. hehe

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha Your kids are so clever. And they get along so well. I love it. You should start a little Leave it to Beaver sitcom.

Carrie Maseda said...

Just so you know, Brooke and Braden had fun reenacting that video of Rae and Nolan piggybacking; we also had to watch the video over and over and over and over! :)