In 3's

So apparently, they say, things break in 3's.
About a week ago, my heart.... or was is my spirit.... broke.
And then Sunday, my blender broke. I had been working it real hard, making lots of smoothies.
Then Monday, after I posted on my blog, my internet broke.
Hopefully this means that the breaking streak is over. Since I got my 3 in. And the first one better count. I'm just sayin'! Cause that one was the worse! Yes, even worse than having no internet!
By the way- have you seen this movie?

If you find old men to be adorable, and chubby little boys full of silly personality adorable.....
Then you will adore this adorable movie.
I loved it.
Oh, my kids did too.
Update: I just remembered, my cell phone broke too.
So if #1 doesn't count, the cell phone covers me
and I'll get a break from things breaking, right?


dar said...

those 3 things are bad to have broken, but a broken heart is by far the worst to have.
I think of that song 'unbreak my heart', hope it gets better for you

Christina said...

I know you turned off the comment page for the adoption post, but that was AWESOME!! I know what goign through most of the process is like, and I know that is a beautiful thing. Thanks for the tear-jerker!

Mel said...

What or who broke you heart?

Carrie Maseda said...

Rich and I went to go see Up on Friday, so cute!