Where Time Stands Still

Gary has had a tough couple of weeks at works and has a few more weeks to go, with more to do and (of course) no extra time in the day. He desperately needed to unwind while he had a weekend off so we went to his favorite place to go for relaxation - his momma's.

It's only an hour drive but it can feel as relaxing as a vacation on a far away deserted island.


It's where time stands still.

Where a visit always warrants time on the swing.

With Gary reminiscing about all that surrounds us.

When all the now open fields were filled with vegetables. And memories of Gary helping his grandfather shoot the black birds that tried to wreak havoc on meals to come.

A place where wood paneling still stands
with signs that kids of the 80's once inhabited the space.

(a knock-off of the Garbage Pail Kids?)

Fuzzy orange flowers on a bedroom mirror
might also mean kids of the 70's.
When I am at Gary's mom's house I am especially drawn to the photo albums that tell his family history.
This strong looking woman is Zoe Ella. The boy she has her hands on is Gary's dad.

She is where my Zoe got her name.


But Gary's mom is where Zoe got her looks. And if I look at my beautiful 8 year old and wonder what she'll look like in 10 years, I have to look no further than at the family photo album and pictures of Gary's mom at 18 to know.

Did time stand still where you were this weekend?
Do tell!


mom said...

i can only WISH it would stand still! cool pictures.

dar said...

neat fam pics, sometimes I do wish time would stand still

aniC said...

a lot of times, when i'm at home, and it hasn't been cleaned in weeks, i do feel like time has stood still.