I Don't See This as Breaking a Promise

Saturday my Rae and Nolan went to a dance. When they came back Rae told me this story about something Nolan did. Even though Nolan kept telling her to not tell me.
You know how when someone tells you a story, and they are laughing so hard they are having a hard time getting the story out? And you are laughing with them even though you don't yet know what's so funny, but it's funny that they think it's so funny? Well, that's what happened here.
Then Nolan made me promise not to tell anyone the story, but it truly was hilarious.
But luckily pictures were taken, and not by me, so I couldn't get in trouble with that, but by one of the young ladies at the dance, and she posted the pictures on Facebook.
I never promised I wouldn't share the pictures.
But trust me....

The story behind this is way funnier than the visual.


mom said...

awwww...nolan found a dance partner. it doesn't look like she'd have much to say...and he didn't have to worry about stepping on her toes.

Mel said...

Now that is a safe date!

dar said...

you should have rae type the story here for us, I mean after seeing the pics... we gotta hear the story

Carrie Maseda said...

I can only imagine! This is Nolan we are talking about!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness. I can only imagine the story. I bet he really appreciates you keeping that promise. I know from personal experience it builds trust when you nearly embarrass your kids, but not quite.