The Truth, As I See It

Today my main man and I went on an impromptu date while the kids were in school.
As we were driving from one of our hot spots to another, and were stuck at a red light, he pointed over to my left and said, "I poured the cement for that sidewalk."
(he drove a cement truck for the first little bit when we moved here, until he found something else)
I looked over, checked it out, and well.... it looked like any other sidewalk I'd ever seen.
I said in this fake voice, "Oh my, it's lovely, you did a really good job," then I giggled and added, "As your mother would say."
And he did as he always does, and tried to hold back laughter. And when he tries to hold back laughter, his nose does this little flair thing that I love.
It looks a lot like this picture, the one I have on my side bar. Here he's getting a picture done and I'm poking my head around his shoulder, he refuses to laugh, so his nostrils flair.

(This picture was taken at his Mission Farewell)

So he holds back laughter, but I am not. I am so proud of myself, laughing it up.


He says, "I'm trying to think of what YOUR mother would say if it were you."


I said in a fake voice, "Anitra would have done a much better job."


Oh mother!! I am just kidding!!! I totally was joking!!


But do you think Anitra could pour cement better than I? Do you? :)


mom said...

it's interesting that you should pose that question because...
i really want a bigger patio. you KNOW how crowded it is with all the tables on there at family dinners.
so i say........................
why don't you and anitra have a cement pouring contest to make me a new, bigger patio?!!!
all you bloggers who read this and agree say "AYE!" (nays can keep it to yourselves!)

I am LoW said...


Leave it to my ma to take my whining and begging for attention and try to put me to work!! :)

I am LoW said...
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dar said...

oh low, how you like to set yourself up when your trying to get attention

aniC said...

seriously, you aren't the middle child, so it's really time for you to get over your middle child syndrome.

Homer and Queen said...

Low, I gotta tell ya...your Mom cracks me up! I wish my mom had a sense of humor like that! I am the middle child!!!

I am LoW said...

Oh bite your tongue AniC!! I am too!!!

Queen- really, I am. I really really am. Don't listen to her, I couldn't be more Jan Brady.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

There is no way in helk Anitra could pour cement better than Lorinda!!!

That's all I'm saying.

I am LoW said...

Crash has spoken.

Carrie Maseda said...

Still so jealous that you get so many dates with your hubby! You lucky girl!

mom said...

she learned that from her mom, carrie (0;

Mel said...

Aye! We need a cement pouring contest. I know you can beat Anitra. You CAN do it. And pictures of it. Video... what will we win?

aniC said...

i have an idea. instead of battling it out, we can do it together, in a happy manor, a team building activity.
why's it always gotta be bout who's better? wny can't it be about love and empowering people and their talents?

I am LoW said...

Me: "Mom, am I grown up and mature?"

Mom: "Not as grown up as Anitra"

Me: "DAAAAAANG IT!!!!!!!"