hApPy BiRtHdAy Ma!!!

I usually stick to blogging Mon-Fri so the weekends are more focused on my kids, but today is a special day.
"Who's that girl?!?!"
That's what everyone asked when I first unvailed my new button made by AniC.

That blonde vintage leggy chic is my Ma!!!

And today is her birthday!!


Happy Birthday Mother Dear!!!

P.S. Here for the Giveaway? Click here.

P.S.S. My wittle baby sister AniC has a Giveaway too. Go here.


Haynsy said...

Your mother is Harriet Nelson!

Ha,she looks great for her age.

mom said...

thank you for blogging for me for my birthday! i was SINCERELY hoping somebody would. it makes me feel special (0:
(i can't wait to see if i win tomorrow!)

mom said...

i'm a little disappointed 150+ people haven't made comments about me. is my birthday any less important than a food storage giveaway? I THINK NOT!