We Have a Winner!!!

And the winner of the Essentials sample~ which has some of the most popular THRIVE food storage items, such as- Whole Wheat Flour, Hard White Winter Wheat, Instant Rice, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Potato Chunks, and Small Red Beans.

Using Random.org

Sue M.!!!

Yes YOU Sue!! The Sue M. that said-

"Pick Me! Pick Me! (even if you need to cheat, Lorinda)..."

Well guess what?? I didn't cheat!!

And guess what, my dear friends coming in from Light Refreshments Served and Mormon Mommy Wars?

Lean in close, I have a secret that's going to blow your mind.....



Guess what?!?!?!
Sue's not even Mormon!!!!

And Sue- When you get your package in the mail, if you find the beautiful cans don't fit your pantry's decor- remember you can always send them my way, okay?

Thanks for playing, folks!!

Listen, you don't have to eat and run. Oh wait, we aren't eating, Sue M's eating. But you can stay and hang out a while. If you haven't read my take on how to store food, click on the big booty on the left of your screen. If you have been wondering if you are cuttin' it as a mom, click on the geek, also to the left of your screen. If babies with Popeye arms makes your day, scroll down 'til you see a baby with Popeye arms. Or if you'd like to one day say, "I knew him before he was famous"- click here and here.

By they way, I have another Giveaway up my sleeve. Don't quote me on this, but I think Thursday may be a fun day for a contest. But this time the first one wins!! There won't be any "you have a week- 6 ways to enter" stuff. So you may want to hurry back and play.

By the way- my sister has a giveaway still happenin'!


Mel said...

Go SUE M! Haha! LoW cheated - didn't she. Huh? Huh? How did you two pull this one off? LOL! Just kidding!

Homer and Queen said...

Congrats Sue! pppfffttt! LOL

aniC said...

see, i told people they didn't have to worry about me.

mom said...

well, sue M...i guess 61 is your lucky number. congrats and enjoy your prize!

Sue M. said...

I won! I won! I never win anything and yet... I won! I'm feeling so lucky that I'm going to head over to AniC's blog right now and put my name in for that giveaway too... (Is that greedy of me)?

This is so exciting. Thanks LoW! Yay Me!

By the way ... even though I'm not Mormon ... I like a lot things that you guys do ... The 'Be prepared' idea... I'm all over it. LoW knows and she can tell you that. :)

Thanks again LoW... I'm off to put my name in for the magnets.

Mel said...

Yeah Sue!

I am LoW said...

HAHA!! I am loving your response Sue! YAY!!!!! I just had to point out the Mormon thing since I am sure 95% of the people that entered are. What were the odds?? Plus you only entered once! Awesome!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I'm with AniC--Whatevs!

So mad you didn't cheat for ME!!!!

I'm going over to AniC's. I bet she'll cheat for me!!!

Anjeny said...

Yeah triple whatevs!! Naah kidding...I'm happy for Sue. I'm all about sharing...right? So Sue, enjoy...and good luck with Anic's give-away.

Crash...no cheating!! tst tst tst..lol.

Carrie Maseda said...

Oh well, maybe next time.