Happy Friday!!

If you are coming in from Light Refreshments Served...

Hey ya'll!!

Refreshments here are not light though, we use heavy cream in our Banana Puddin' and real sugar in our Pralines.

By the way, would you like some Boiled Peanuts??

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So I hear tell that we aren't the only ones that have been hit hard with rain.

I've shared before that we have a stream in our backyard, but when we get heavy rain, the stream becomes a raging river. (almost)

And I thought I would share a video of yesterdays raging river. Please look over all the shovels and buckets. Ya can't blame the youngin's though, you would do the same if you grew up with this for a backyard.

Last night I dreamt there was a 10 pound albino catfish swimming in our river. Gary was so excited. (in the dream, not about the dream)


After school yesterday and between rain showers, Zoe played outside. She made not mud pies. She made-

From wet cardboard and wait.a.minute- are those leaves from my day lillies?!?!

TGIF friends!!

By the way, my kids have been saying they can't wait for Spring Break, and I've said, "Spring break?!? I am ready for summer!!"


mom said...

mmm...mud sushi, yummo!
we had enough rain that our roof leaked...again! it only happens in a steady soaking rain. blah! i'm tired of it and it's ruining my breakfast nook ceiling! the guy will come back to fix it AGAIN, when it's dry
bennett and i just had to watch zoe and naomi's movie 3 more times. if possible, i think he laughs harder every time. and he has it memorized because he starts laughing in anticipation of what's going to make him laugh.

dar said...

I want some boiled peanuts!!!
i'm with you, being ready for summer break

I am LoW said...

Mom- Too bad you can't enjoy the rain for your roof. :( We've been lovin it here!

Dar- Come and get some!!!

I am LoW said...
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Anjeny said...

Kids! Gotta love 'em. If we are close by, my kids would've brought their boogie boards to slide in your river..lol.

Hope your lillies are not too damaged by what your daughter did. She's a very talented creative girl.

As we say here...ALOHA Friday!!

H.K. said...

Wow, a daughter that makes sushi instead of mud pies... you've got a future chef in your family!

Love your blog! (found you in mormon mommy blogs)