A Quiz

(originally posted on my old blog March 13, 2008. Then shared again as a guest blogger at Light Refreshments Served on June 27th.)
A Quiz
(I do hope you pass)

1. If I was.... I mean, if some random mother was caught text messaging while my.. I mean someone's 16 year old son was teaching the Family Home Evening lesson (aka -family night, once a week)- Does that mean
a) she had something very important to discuss with her sister and it couldn't wait
b) she's a bad example.....a very very bad example
c) this mom has maturity issues
d) this mom was just showing the 16 year old what NOT to do when others are trying to teach Family Home Evening

2. If I had 'words' with my teenage daughter and it ended in a huff and I ran into my room and slammed the door and turned up the radio as high as it would go- Does this mean
(did I say I? I meant, 'a mother')
a) this mom was in a hurry to go listen to music
b) this mom just likes loud music and the wind blew her door shut, no really
c) this mom has maturity issues
d) this mom just wanted to beat her daughter at her own game

3. If some mother (and this has never happened to me yesterday) went in her room to "read" and to "hide and eat candy" and her kids came in to talk and discovered it under the covers and she STILL tried to keep the candy for herself- Does this mean
a) her health depended on her getting all those servings of peanut butter cups
b) this mom has sharing issues
c) this mom shares EVERYTHING and she just wanted a little something to herself
d) this mom was looking for the 'talk on sharing' by her 16 year old son, just to test him and make sure she taught him well

4. If, when a teenage daughter is pouting in her room with the music turned up as high as her cd player will go, and her mom pushes open the door with her bum and backs into the room shaking her booty- Does this mean
a) she just took the oppurtunity to Jazzercise
b) her daughter always invites her into her room for some dancin'- they're cool like that
c) listen, this mom just can't help it, when she hears music, she dances!
d) if mom dancing in your room makes you not want to play your music so loud, then mom made her point

5. If when a fad takes over a teenagers common sense and then mom either walks around for the day with her pants below her bum or her bangs hanging over one eye, or whatever- Does that mean
a) this mom just wants to be hip
b) this mom can't accept she's 38
c) she admired her kids fashion statements
d) this mom is fighting fire with fire


1. Is D. D as in DUH, what mom would get caught texting unless she was trying to teach a lesson. Psht!

2. D again. As in duh again, because really, it's called 'taking away their thunder' and sometimes you just need to.

3. D of course. As in duh of course. I was just testing him. Really. And he passed. He gave a very good speech on sharing and that's all I wanted to hear. It's called reassurance that he's listening and learning.

4. D. Duh. And a little bit of C, but whatever.....

5. D- uhhhhh, nothing will ruin a fashion statement faster than mom doing it. Trust me, it works every time. Heavens help me the day I have to get a mohawk.


sara said...

This is hilarious. I'm confused on one thing though, you're not supposed to text during FHE? That's the only time I can can get caught up.. Well I also get some done while driving.

SWIRL said...

love the tips on how to handle the teen years!!!!
I'm not there yet-- but I see it.. in the eyes of my 12 year old.. I'm just not that 'cool' anymore.

Laughed at your post and I NEEDED it since I can't find my camera!! boo hoo...

aniC said...

i passed. but i guess it helps that you gave us the quiz once before.

nevadanista said...

Hahahahaha!!! Loved this! You're obviously a clever mom, and I have no doubt you out smart your kids everytime (or at least most of the time :)).

The Cotton Wife said...

Saw your question over at PW's... just in case she doesn't answer - his name is Ladd.

Not quite what I expected either!

If you Google her, there is a ton of info (and discussion!) out there.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh girlfriend, I so loved this post. And look at me coming over here at nearly midnight to break my bloggy sebatical just to tell you that, even tho I'm s'pose to be grading research papers.

I had to tell you that this is a heelarious post and it's no wonder I LY so much and my fam is leaving in 4 more days and I have a very special post JUST FOR YOU coming up soon. I can hardly wait.

And I also have to say . . . LADD? Is that Marlboro Man's real name? Well that's not very rugged now is it.

I am LoW said...

Sara- Well, if you ask me, kids shouldn't, but mom's should be excused. ;-)

Swirl.... girrrrrl, you are SO close to being there!! Welcome to the club! :)

AniC- Now give it 14 years and use it. :-)

Nevadanista- I try. Nobody can say I don't at least try. hehe

The Cotton Wife- Google her?! Why didn't I think of that??? Thanks!

Crash- You spoil me. I am sorry I asked you to send your ma home, it's just that I would do it for you. (just kidding ma!!) Ladd isn't as bad as Carol or Stacy or Lynn, which is what I asked PW. But she never answers me. :-D