Babies Need to Workout Too

Did you know that AniC is a personal trainer?

She is.

And did you know that being her baby is no excuse to not workout?

It's not.

How do you think Baby J got Popeye arms?

"But momma" Baby J says, "I can't even walk yet."

"Drop and give me 20!" says AniC.

And if he isn't working out, she is using him to make others work out.

Hanging out with her is why I am in the shape I am in.



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aniC said...

oh mercy me!!! i wish i was a personal trainer. then i probably wouldn't look like i gave birth to a baby 6 and a half months ago. and i probably wouldn't eat a dessert at every meal. and i'd probably actually use the bike that i got after i got married. and i'd probably....oh...i could go on and on.
but...i've got a seriously cute baby with popeye arms, so whatev's.

aniC said...

seriously SERIOUSLY cute.

I am LoW said...

You aren't a personal trainer?


Then why are you always yelling at us to push harder and run faster and "GO! Go!GOOO!!"?

mom said...

"push harder" (the button for the menu at sonic)
"run faster" into duke's, cracker barrell, shoney's...etc.
"GO, Go, GOOO!!" to the kitchen and make more chicken salad with grapes and chopped pecans in it because one can is only enough for me...and what will everybody else eat?

what did you think she meant? (o:

I am LoW said...

And yet- it works great for her. She looks GREAT and NOT like she had a baby just 6 months ago.

No fair! Humpf!

aniC said...

you must be confusing me with tamara.

I am LoW said...


Homer and Queen said...

I still have my baby butt from 22 years ago!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha. She does have popeye arms. So cute.